Joyce is Joy

By: Yong Tien Tay

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Thursday, 10-Aug-2006 14:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark
my cousin boy~

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which one u like most? which pics is the most adorable? which pics that catch ur eyes? dont be shy to leave ur comments

Sunday, 18-Jun-2006 13:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Recent visit to Melaka

yellow daisy
pink flower
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The main purpose going back to melaka is to celebrate Father's day with grandpa erm... i like flowers, mum also likes flowers, so took a lot of pictures of flowers....

Thursday, 6-Apr-2006 13:18 Email | Share | | Bookmark
sob sob ....

the crack
the crack again
from the side
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really feel like crying now... dunno what i hit then my watch's screen broken... so sad... this watch followed me for quite a number of years already. really sad to let it go *sob sob* want to cry now huh huh huh ..... but this watch quite old already... from the side can see that some part is rusty...

nvm... old one dont go then how the new one can come leh? so wait for my new watch lah! who is kind enuff to hadiah me one??

Sunday, 26-Mar-2006 12:58 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Vietnamese Popiah

sweet n sour sauce
yum yum
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trying to upload the photos last few days but dunno what happen cant upload .... ok... here are some photos taken last sunday. little try on vietnamese popiah.. erm.. quite a successful one... the taste not bad... maybe next time will hv a popiah party! so u and u and u and u will be invited! so wait for my invitation!

Monday, 13-Mar-2006 13:58 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake

erm... not a successful one... the taste ok but not fluffy enuff... i remember to take a pic while it was baking, the time it looked quite successful!! ... but then when i see the result later i was quite disappointed then forgot to take a pic of the result before i cut the cake... i kept thinking why the cake turn out to be like that then cut cut cut then put inside the container then only realised i did not take a pic of it.... the result of my analysis... i think the egg white need to beat longer so it is harder... my egg white was too soft...

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